Should farming and agriculture be nationalized?

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However, finding such a method is unrealistic through research that will end world hunger. The solution I see is to increase the number of farmers. How can this be done? Few people in today's larger size urban cities want to be involved with waking up at the crack of dawn to toil on a field. My idea is to nationalize the agriculture industry. Farmers would be far less alienated with a job industry decreasing in demand. The government would be able to advertise the farming industry through mass media, the way they do with the military. Ma and paw farms are not going to run TV ads or radio broadcasts for job availability. They are going to have to rely on their fertility and parenting to keep the farm running.The government could standardize methods in harvesting, use of pesticides, crop prices, etc. They would have an oversight of everything going into the food we eat, instead of letting Billy-Bob put God-knows-what into the soil he's growing our corn with. Monsanto, as previously mentioned, has been highly criticized for planting genetically modified crops. Simply put, it is much easier to criticize the government with bills and petitions as they are led by the people whereas companies like Monsanto are led with the sole interest of money. In fact, here is a great quote from Phil Angell, Monsanto's director of corporate communications.

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